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J.D. Heiskell & Co. Names Corporate Vice Presidents

May 9, 2023

Shayleen Rambur and Jefferson Hillman were named corporate Vice Presidents for J.D. Heiskell Holdings, LLC  [dba J.D. Heiskell & Co.] during the firm’s annual Meeting of Managers on June 3. Shay Rambur has been employed by the company since November 2004 and was originally based in Twin Falls, ID, where she was Controller for the accounting group that serves the firm’s Northwest businesses. She later accepted responsibility for guiding the company’s Southwest business group through an accounting transition and briefly held the dual titles of NW and SW Controller. Rambur relocated to Tulare, CA in February of 2013 to take the position of Controller for the California business group. She was recently named the California Feed Business Manager, and is expected to assume the role of General Manager for California Business in November of 2016. Shay Rambur is the first female corporate Vice President for the enterprise since Elizabeth “Bess” Heiskell held a similar title in the 1940s.

Jefferson Hillman joined the company in January 2013 after a four-year stint as an investment analyst for the NYC-based private equity firm AMERRA Capital Management  LLC. Named for the company’s founder, Jeff Hillman represents the 5th generation of family leadership in the business, and currently serves as its Corporate Treasurer, with oversight of the company’s Human Resources, Safety, and several in-house accounting functions. A 2008 graduate of Stanford University, Hillman offices in Elkhorn, NE, and is on a path to become the company’s CFO in December of 2017.